Present and Past:

Roped Off/Afterlife - Split c29 (905.180)

"Slowly unwinding, elated-meets-somber vibes from Afterlife. Roped Off goes on a weirdo modular synth/electronics joy ride. Pro dubbed, edition of 100. Comes with download code." -905 Tapes

Afterlife - Afterlive c73 (TQ50) 

"From 2010 to 2013, Ryan McGill and Franklin Teagle played shows throughout New York City and a few out of town gigs as a part of some incredible line-ups and through some extremely loud sound systems. Now that the duo resides on opposite coasts, a live show isn't likely to happen again in the near future, but we're happy to share a document of some choice performances from the past three years. Afterlive collects three different sets: One from 2011 recorded by Francesco de Gallo in Brooklyn, NY, one from 2012 recorded by Dave Doyen in Wilmington, DE, and one from 2013 recorded by Mike Griffin in Albany, NY. Each recording features entirely different material as well as different approaches to bringing composed and improvised sound into the live setting, all captured through raw, open air recordings. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle and a photograph by Rachel Evans." -Tranquility Tapes

Afterlife - Sensory Overdose c30 (sicsic059) 

"Space-metaphors seem inevitable when it comes to synthesizer-music, right? And here we are with another two-sided rocket to send you off into an exquisite cosmic sonic adventure. Fasten your seatbelts, check the life-systems, count down, take off and listen! Warning: We do not assume liability after your re-entry into your not-so-colorful daily life!" -SicSic

Afterlife - Surfacing Illusions c54 (TQ43) 

"The first full release since the debut Afterlife LP, Surfacing Illusions finds Ryan McGill and Franklin Teagle diving deeper intro dream states and unknown places than ever before. Built around sounds captured nearby, far away, and even long ago, the duo layers field recordings carefully with dueling synths to take the listener on a journey that's altogether stranger and more varied than any previous releases. From glorious harmonies suited for a cathedral to quiet, uneasy trips into a dissonant void, there's plenty to get lost in this time around. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle." -Tranquility Tapes

Holographic Arts - Lightworks Remixes c50 (SS03)

Includes remix of track "Stand By".

"10 tracks from key synth-underground figures, shot through the HA prism. Ambient spectres solidify as rhythmic bodies, navigating the grid. A holographic record of a droned-out disco, featuring (in order of appearance): Afterlife, Dry Valleys, Hobo Cubes, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Venn Rain, Sundrips, Nova Scotian Arms, Panabrite, Bill Doob and Trailing. A trick of the light is all. Numbered edition of 70 pro-dubbed imprinted tapes, with art by Jen" -Sunk Series

Emuul/Afterlife - Split c30 (NK39)

"Two of the best droner heavyweights slice off some heavenly mana and lay it all over this split. Kyle Iman has releases on Sweat Lodge Guru, Stunned, Anathema, Digitalis, Monorail Trespassing, Avant Archive, and Tranquility Tapes, and Franklin Teagle / Ryan McGill collectively: Stunned, Digitalis, House of Sun, Hooker Vision, Sacred Phrases, in addition to owning Tranquility. I’m just listing their extremely solid discography… These beautiful, well-crafted tracks basically do all the talking. It’s really good. Transcendent. Edition of 65 pro-dubbed tapes with gradient label and risograph artwork." -No Kings

V/A - Duets c100 (TQ31)

Includes track "Beyond".

"We're ecstatic to present the first-ever compilation on Tranquility Tapes. Clocking in at 100 minutes, this collection shines a light on some of our favorite recording duos currently operating within the broad spectrum of underground music. A tribute to collaboration and camaraderie through sound, each duet brings something entirely different to the table, yet the collection as a whole flows together better than we could have ever imagined. Features new and unreleased tracks by Quiet Evenings, Super Minerals, Velvet Chrome, Brother Raven, Seziki Tetrasheaf, Century Plants, Big Sky, Afterlife, Imperial Topaz, Telecult Powers, Concessionaires, Blood on Tape, Sundrips, Grasshopper, The Circle and the Point, and Coventry Music. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle." -Tranquility Tapes

Afterlife/Dry Valleys - Split c39 (SP-30)

"Both sides of this tape dive straight into the deep end. Crystal-like electronics loop and swirl underwater. Bubbles float to the top, leaving sand clouds below. limited edition of 100." -Sacred Phrases

Afterlife - Celestial Habitat LP (HIV 112)

"Afterlife is Ryan McGill (Cliffsides) and Franklin Teagle (Cenote Glow), two Georgia natives currently residing in New York. They’ve put out some amazing tapes over the years but on this, their debut vinyl, they left no crevice of their past oeuvre unexplored while continuing to press onward and upward. Field recordings and percolating electronics merge into a rich tapestry of crystal clear transcendence, hitting you straight in the third eye. This is a portrait of two artists at the top of their game. While there’s certainly no shortage of synth jammers out there, these guys are operating in a world of their own and this album is a stunning testament to that fact." -Hooker Vision

Afterlife - Transmissions c22

"With their recordings: Franklin Teagle and Ryan McGill, as always, become mediums of the stars, channelled by forces beyond our grasp of reality and regularly practice the true meaning of meditation through their impromtu gatherings, the result...some of the most beautifully intense hypnotic melodies comprehensible, to these eyes.....i personally view their process as not necessarily controlled, moreso: released-alike the instinctual breathing process of animals-OR-the natural process of love and compassion, together these 2 gentlemen are a force fueled and navigated by emotion and transcendental instinct . the natural and supernatural working as one prayer. FT/RM and maggot valley are happy to share this release that was recorded early 2010....since then, like any other artist or collaborations; the process and fundamentals change over time, like everything...being a fan myself, i have a collection of their cassettes, which i love to change up

here is something that has been hidden away from us for a few years and made available to you now, that you can throw into the rotation where it belongs (also BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR AN LP courtesy of HOOKER VISION)

art by the one and only maggot Jeremiah, home-dub edition" -Maggot Valley

Inhibitionists/Afterlife - Split c63 (Stunned no. 120)

"Whether he’s running one of Europe’s best underground labels or tearing it up as Inhibitionsists, Christian Kann has always been a guy to look out for. On this split edition with NY synth sons Afterlife, Kann drops some of his most dynamic work yet, which is saying something significant for those aware of past Inhibitionists output. Sequestering every variety of bent and dented tone, this Side A is forward-propulsive antics of the highest order. Schizoid algorithms are interrupted by free-clatter & string passages, deftly bouncing back to form and repeating similar manic cycles a few more times before passing the torch to Afterlife. Within seconds of the handoff, Ryan McGill and Franklin Teagle are snapped to breathless attention, their circuitry poised for astral action. Never failing to astonish with their proprietary flavor of team-synthesizer, the side they offer here can be considered the essential post-script to their recent Stunned cassette (no. 116). Darker in shade and even foreboding at moments, this piece suggests the colored showers of “Hypnautic Rinse” can also be converted to temporary cloudcover. For this reason and many more we turn a closer listen to these skilled musicians of the nebulous realm. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c63 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert." -Stunned Records

V/A - Inscriptions Vol. 1 2xc65 (SP-25)

Includes track "The Machinery of Heaven".

"Executed with adroit skill, each with an impressive performance, Sacred Phrases has compiled an apogee of contributing artists' work. Inscriptions Volume 1 is a compilation that emphasizes the communal nature of music. Each track, heard individually, stands alone. When played as a compilation each track is brand new and together lead the listener on a journey like none before. This distinct aesthetic, which focuses on each track and the end effect produces a candid listening experience that takes the listener beyond the physical universe." -Sacred Phrases

Cliffsides/Cenote Glow - Split c36 (TQ09)

"Consider this Afterlife's DNA split and spread across two sides. Solo treks through self-contained realms of life that exist both beyond and beneath the earth. Ryan McGill brings his (inter)stellar Cliffsides project out of a brief hibernation with gusto. He fires on every cylinder and digs a cosmic rabbit hole utilizing sequencer and MFOS synth. Dizzying filtered sequences dissolve into one another beautifully, each one satisfying and beguiling in its own unique way. Franklin Teagle's Cenote Glow debuts on the flip side. Inspired by travels and the natural world, these synth pieces flow between emotive washes of melody and passages of abstract strangeness. Bubbling odes to transcendent moments and memories forged away from home. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle." -Tranquility Tapes

Afterlife - Hypnautic Rinse c30 (Stunned no. 116)

"Yes, the blood-brain barrier has been penetrated. Relax. It’s the Afterlife kicking in. Though familiar to many of us, this particular strain produced by the Teagle/McGill duo is a most potent dose. Patiently drawing us far from the shoreline for its first few minutes, soon we are enveloped in a powerful scalar field where beautiful synth alchemy is being conducted. Everything is jettisoned except for the most medicinal bits, concentrated here in this essential half-hour of analog bliss. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c30 tapes w/ double-sided color jcard." -Stunned Records

Afterlife - Bleeding Through the Fabric c38 (SUN026)

"Franklin Teagle and Ryan Mcgill, Brooklyn, NY. Focused in an exploration vibe of synths and electronics, these two play off each other exceptionally well to create shimmering blissouts and heavy feedback trance all in the course of two sides of magnetic tape. Edition of 55 gray imprinted cassettes." -House of Sun

Afterlife/Thoughts on Air - Split c36 (HIV073)

"Afterlife dive headfirst into the deep end of an electronic whirlpool, only to resurface covered in sticky green oscillations. While on the flip side, Thoughts on Air ricochets crystalline guitar pulses through an underground tape delay until they emerge like gleaming orange bats at dusk." -Hooker Vision

Afterlife/Bedroom - Split c34 (TQ02)

"Two Brooklyn synth duos send oscillations across the borough in three-part suites. Ryan McGill (Cliffsides) and Franklin Teagle’s Afterlife gets the ball rolling with an epic journey that glides through gentle sequencing, bubbling abstractions, and nostalgic melodies. Steadfastly adhering to the code of repetition and ultra-subtle dynamics, each piece gradually pushes toward deeper levels of entrancement. On the project’s debut, Michael Chau (Liquid Days) and Jeremy Mills’ Bedroom answers from high atop the clouds with pure Eno-inspired tone float. With remarkable focus and a knack for dramatic, sweeping melodies, the duo shifts eloquently from minimal passages to ones dense with cosmic atmosphere. Each piece unfolds like a tale from a distant plane and is packed with intense beauty. Jump into the vortex and stay awhile. On pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with artwork by Caroline Teagle." -Tranquility Tapes

Afterlife - Bodies in Motion c42 (ltd#143)

"if this is what the afterlife is like maybe i should start believing in that shit. but really the duo of ryan mcgill (cliffsides) and franklin teagle (meditations) stretches their wings and fly even further on their latest declaration finding the visceral symmetry in subtle shifts and simple composition. dual synthscapes that line the sky with their warm, glowing major chord changes and galactic leads. its music that is easy to grasp on the surface, but deeper listening reveals something even more magical. of course, on the flip they go straight-up mid-80s sci-fi with abandon. this is not fucking kitsch, it's fucking awesome. minimal beats provide the backbone for rising-and-falling notes and pitchbends. it's exactly what i think of when i heard the phrase "bodies in motion." everything devolves in the end, becoming a spastic mass of elegiac tones that get buried underneath washes of square waves and noise. sort of a poetic end if you ask me. edition of 80, pro-dubbed." -Digitalis Ltd.

V/A - Summer Solstice 2 CDR/MP3 (TLMP27)

Includes track "Approach the Chamber".

"Slide into Summer Solstice on clouds of mesmerizing synth work from Brooklyn, NY." -Twilight Luggage

Afterlife - Ashen Reflection c28 (DSQ033)

"synthetic drips from liquid skies, arpeggiated clouds and subtle hooks that guide your eyes swiftly away from the sun. edition of 26" -Dial Square Tapes

Ossining/Afterlife - Split c52 (Stunned no. 62)

"This split is a convergence of forty fingers and four heads belonging to 2 crews who are no strangers to the school of modern synthesizer work — Kevin Danchisko (Sovetskaya Gone), Brad Rose (Digitalis/The North Sea), Ryan McGill (Bones of Seabirds/Cliffsides) and Franklin Teagle (Anathema Sound/Meditations). To say that each of these members has had a helluva ’09 is total understatement. Dudes have burned it up on all levels audile & visual. Case in point: the opening side’s all-hands-on-deck approach of Ossining. Kevin & Brad launch laterally in warm g-force tones for the remainder of Side A’s high-altitude analog cruising. There’s no need to come down from such birdflight bliss with Afterlife’s B-Side, offering a bounty of dilated-eye synth trance. Here Ryan & Franklin reach for the gooier forms which emerge at dusk on the horizon. Crisply telepathic in their chemical trailblazing, they dare to chisel flashing arpeggios down to quark level. Ladies and gentlemen, we have drift off. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c52 tapes with double-sided color jcard and insert. " -Stunned Records